How to find the right LAX transportation to San Pedro

A visitor to Los Angeles cannot afford but to visit San Pedro, the port neighborhood of LA. It is a major tourist destination, and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is its nearest airport. Hence it becomes natural for the tourists to hire a LAX town car service to San Pedro for cruise transfer to San Pedro from LAX.

LAX is located 16 miles away from the downtown Los Angeles in Westchester neighborhood. It is one of the busiest airports that helps more than 595.5 million visitors come and go in and out of the neighborhood. It being the closest airport to the San Pedro, many visitors use it when they need to visit the port city.

If you are the one who needs LAX transportation to reach to the city then I will suggest you to hire any of the world-class LAX town car service to San Pedro. The limousine you will be rented have all the modern facility that you can imagine; from DVD players to LCD screens to leather upholstery to neon lights to lavish interior to posh d├ęcor. A ride on such a limo will make your day, but the question is how to find the right LAX transportation for your cruise transfer to San Pedro from LAX?

Find the right LAX Transportation to San Pedro in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Plan, plan, and plan

I wrote this thrice because planning is very, very important when it comes to hiring the right LA town car service to take a ride through the port neighborhood of the city. You need to plan in advance because there are times when it is hard to find any limousine, even the bad ones, in Los Angeles to take you to San Pedro because of huge influx of tourist to the city. It is only so many tourist that the LA’s limo companies could handle. Therefore, you need to plan way ahead in the tourist season, and particularly when you have a big group.

Planning also helps you avoid stupid mistakes that cost you money and sour your whole experience of staying in the neighborhood. A mistake in LA could be very costly!

Step 2: Seek recommendation

If you are not the only person in your clan to visit San Pedro through LAX then you can obviously use your friends and family’s recommendation on which limousine transportation company to hire for you journey from LAX to San Pedro. Asking your friends for your help is the best way to avoid cheating limo companies from fleecing you.

Step 3: Set a budget and compare the offering

Find 4-5 limousine providers or car-types that suit your budget and compare their offerings before you hire any of them. Do not just decide on price, though you may be tempted to do so. Price is, indeed, a big motivator, but when it comes to hiring limousine comfort, security, well-mannered chauffer, posh interior, and other amenities become important. Having said that I must say that at every price point, there is LAX town car service to San Pedro available, so you do not need to cough up a lot of money to get all the things discussed above when booking a cruise transfer to San Pedro from LAX.

About the city

The port neighborhood is on the Harbor Freeway (110) towards south of LA. Unlike LA, the summers are cooler in the coastal regions and winters are warmer, thanks to the breezes from the Pacific Ocean. The coastal town experiences as much as 18 degrees F (10 degrees C) drop in the summer-time temperature compared to the temperature in its sister city Los Angeles.

Major attraction

A visitor to San Pedro will not like to miss an opportunity to set his eye on the victory ship of World War II which is still operational and a must see thing in the city. Another thing that will force you to hold your breath tight is Vincent Thomas Bridge. This 1,500-foot long suspension bridge connects the city with Terminal Island. The third must-watch tourist destination in the city is Los Angeles Maritime Museum. It is the largest Maritime Museum in whole of California.