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Why Choose A Car Service Over UBER Or LYFT


Like most industries now, there is crazy competition in the transportation. There are several means of road transportation these days, which unfortunately isn’t exactly a good thing. Most people are faced with a dilemma, do I choose a car service over UBER or LYFT. It is worth noting that prominence in quantity doesn’t always translate to quality. Many people easily choose popular means of road transportation like Uber and Lyft while neglecting car services which happen to offer better rates and services. If you are in the former category you might wonder why I believe so much in the unfavored car services, I’ll show you in the next few paragraphs.

If my status as the expert means anything at all, I strongly endorse car services, especially for airport transportation. This is strict because I think you would want the best transportation service when chasing flight deadlines or in need of the most relaxing transport service after a rigorous trip.

Experienced Drivers

Both Uber, Lyft and car service drivers undergo a round of screening before being accepted. However, the vetting process to hire Uber and Lyft drivers is simple, even next to nonexistent compared to car service drivers. The usual requirements include driving history and registration details. The ignorance paid to other factors like a background check, drug test, and physical tests to ensure they’re operating safely is a glaring shortcoming. Car service drivers are made to go through those rigorous tests and more:

  • They go through extensive training,
  • Have certain levels of experience
  • A thorough knowledge of the areas they choose to drive in.

Car services also afford you the exclusive option of riding in a range of impressive fleet of cars, a premium fleet if you like. This usually offers control over your riding experience.

With Uber or Lyft, you can choose between basic or upgraded vehicles, but not the vehicle itself. You have to make do with whatever vehicle shows up.

An Enjoyable Ride Guaranteed

Whether you’re looking to just cruise around town or catch up to your flight plans, nothing beats a car service as far as rider’s experience goes. You get more than a travel, it’s always a cruise with car services. There is the excitement of getting picked up in exciting cars (mostly lavish), being driven by professionals, a stress-free trip where you don’t have to worry about safety or navigation along the way.


All private vehicles must be insured before taking to the roads. That said, serious questions remain in regards to Uber’s insurance policies. A leaked insurance plan showed that the registered name is Rasier LLC and not Uber, which should be a red flag for riders and drivers. Uber has claimed that Rasier LLC is their subsidiary, but they could use that disparity as a loophole in case of accidents.

All ATLS Express drivers, and vehicles, are fully insured covering you from the moment you enter our vehicle up to the moment you exit. Rest assured, in the event of an accident, you and your family are fully covered.

Scheduled Transportation

If you find that awesome driver or car you love to ride in and want to use them all the time, schedule your pickup days, weeks, or even months in advance. This is a secret most people employ in catching up to time-sensitive events. Once a pickup time is scheduled, your driver is going to be there like the groom on his wedding day waiting for his bride. Okay, that was me doing too much, but you get it I suppose.

When there’s a flight to catch, having airport transportation you can rely on is key.

In conclusion, choosing a car service over UBER OR LYFT, a professional car service with an experienced driver behind the wheel is your best chance for a dependable and enjoyable ride.

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