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Flat Rate Car Service To LAX

Flat Rate Car Service To LAX

What is Flat rate car service to LAX and why do I need it?

(i.e. Bad traffic) Flat rate service, also referred to as a flat rate, stands for one price. Flat rate also refers to a pricing structure where a single fixed fee for a service is applied. That rate is set regardless of time of use,  Unlike the many of our LAX car service competitors, ATLS Express basis the majority of our pricing on this flat rate car service concept. 

flat rate car serviceWhile some companies charge you a minimum hourly rate, ATLS Express bases our pricing on a flat rate. We calculate everything by distance/zip code instead of an hourly minimum. The hourly minimum for our industry can be as high as $100.00 usually with a 2-hour minimum. You pay this minimum charge even if the actual drive time is less.

ATLS Express makes booking your next ride easy and most importantly, the price you’re quoted is the price you pay, regardless of time on the road or number of passengers… bad traffic included. (Please note: charges do apply for additional stops) 

Serving So Calif Over 12 years

ATLS Express has over 12 years experience, serving all of Southern California, and have earned a solid reputation for a higher standard of flat rate car service.  We also provide flat rate car service to LAX and all major airports in LA and Orange counties.

Our drivers are thoroughly trained, prepared and screened to guarantee that your experience is a memorable one. Clients who need a car for long periods of time can take advantage of our Hourly rates, for a family outing, business meeting, etc.

Car seats for children are available for the asking and help for elderly and disabled travelers as well. Feel free to browse our easy to navigate website for more information about our services and extra benefits.

Make ATLS Express your first choice for dependable Flat Rate Car service to LAX. Book your next ride with us and take advantage of our flat rate car service to LAX today!

For questions, call (323) 259-5330 or try our new mobile app

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