lax says no to uber ans lyft

LAX Says No To Uber And Lyft

Over the past few years, the ever-growing mode of casual public transportation has been Uber and Lyft. LA Counties poor public transportation system gave birth to these “Transportation Networking Companies”, (TNC), LA Counties poor public transportation system gave birth to these “Transportation Networking Companies”, (TNC), and other’s like them who were originally created to handle the casual user, who wanted the convenience of taxi cab like service at a much lower price.

Lately, they have been experiencing a boom in business, with the August 2015 ruling, that allows TNC to not only drop off passengers but pick up from LAX as well. While this “growth spurt” may have benifited the casual airport traveler, it has had negative impact on LAX traffic that affects everyone. Traffic is off the charts at LAX with a reported increased of 42%. Couple that with the ongoing construction in preparation for the World Cup and the Olympics and some passengers find themselves spending as much not more time just getting to their terminal as they will flying to their destination.  

In a recent study taken from 2012 to 2017, Uber and Lyft respectively, account for a reported 10 million increase in the number of vehicles at LAX, much of it starting in 2015 when the city allowed ride-sharing services to operate at the airport.

According to a recent NBC TV report, that ruling generated a massive increase in airport revenue,.Uber and Lyft pay $4 each time a driver enters the Central Terminal Area. In the 2016 fiscal tear alone, upwards of $9 million was generated exploding to over five times that amount, $44.3 million in 2018. 

While LAX and, other airports nation wide, are trying hard to find ways to reduce congestion caused by ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft, it’s hard to turn their back on that kind of revenue, which LAX uses for general operating expenses and some remodeling. 

In a recent meeting of the Greater California Livery Association

a new plan called “LAX-it” was disclosed announcing new airport ground transportation rules which will take effect later this year. Beginning  Sept. 3rd of this year, all transportation networking companies (TNCs) and taxicabs will have to pick up their riders on a revamped lot that is located just east of Terminal 1.

Those passengers will be deposited by at the lot by continuous shuttles collecting them up from the nine terminals surrounding the central terminal area on the lower level of LAX. To accommodate arriving Uber, Lyft and taxi passengers, LAX will have 36 dual floor, low floor, ADA-compliant CNG buses that can carry up to 28 passengers running 24/7 over five shuttle routes among the inner curbs of the nine terminals. These shuttles will have five-minute headways with an average travel time of 15 minutes, with two-minute maximum stop times at no more than two stops per route.

If passengers elect to walk, to the satellite pick up lot, walk times will average from three minutes from Terminal 1 up to 19 minutes from Terminal 4.

How, you ask will this affect the TCP-licensed commercial luxury ground transportation like ATLS Car Service? Well, they will continue to operate as usual picking-up arriving passengers on the lower-level of the LAX loop. The only change is, pick-up’s will now only be allowed from the outer curbs on the lower level. LAX plans to implement traffic control and direction the expedite the process and rental car and hotel shuttles will now pick up their arriving passengers on the upper departure level loop.

Departure level drop-offs for all luxury ground transportation and other for-hire vehicles will remain unchanged. Please keep in mind that, due to ongoing construction, LAX airport will also experience a temporary loss of parking spaces which will be set aside to accommodate construction crews. This will greatly affect “meet and Greet’s” creating a need for spur of the moment curb meets in an effort to make timely pick-ups.

Overall, though there will be some inconvenience, it does come with a silver lining. Traffic at LAX and the amount of time it takes to drop off at your terminal will be greatly reduced, cutting down on missed flights and the overall stress associated with it.

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