TSA Workers Still On The Job Keeping You Safe

Despite the Federal partial government shut down, the hundreds of TSA workers who serve LAX are still on the job keeping you safe this holiday season.

With over 100,000 cars passing through LAX terminals before since last Friday, this has been the busiest holiday travel weekend. These busiest travel days are expected to continue through January 2, 2019, with and an estimated 8.7 million people traveling nationwide. 

Yes, the travelers are here but, TSA agents are working without pay as they deal with the enormous crowds because of the partial government shutdown.

Even though hundreds of thousands of federal workers are furloughed, TSA workers have jobs that involve national security. Because of this, they have to show up for work and perform their jobs.

TSA workers and other employees like them won’t get paid for the days they’ve worked as long as there is a lapse in funding. Despite the lack of pay, these dedicated workers are there keeping us safe this holiday season.

Please keep that in mind if you are traveling through LAX this holiday season, and do your best to make their job easier.

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